upptack studios is a media company in Toronto redefining family time for parents, kids, and explorers at heart.

We love learning, storytelling, and playing.
Our mission is to use all three to craft fulfilling digital experiences for youth audiences on both emerging and traditional platforms.


The mind is a surprising thing. Children develop rapidly, question often, and test every assumption. They are the world's first scientists. So the world should be their lab - out there, and on screen.
Let's go build one for them.


Stories are at the core of everything. Interactive stories may be the most powerful ones we are able to construct today. A good story goes a long way. A great story? Those will stay with you.  We're in the business of great stories.


The value of play lasts a lifetime. Through exploration, experimentation, and expression, play molds how kids perceive the world and grow their imaginations. Fostering a sense of play inspires kids to discover and create, together.


The Team


anthony sueN

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Anthony has been making fun stuff for screens since 2013. After graduating from the RTA School of Media, he's traversed the digital world producing for games, web, and cross-platform projects. Anthony also holds a post-graduate certificate in Children's Media, where he watched cartoons for homework (and wrote a few too).



CEO & Co-Founder

Sara is an award-winning writer/producer who honed her craft on commercial projects, short films, and television sets during her time at RTA School of Media. Sara sparked upptack studios while receiving her MA in Media Production at Ryerson University in Toronto - with a thesis study on kid's mobile edugames to boot.